The ancient Christian faith, as preached by our Lord and His apostles, is every bit as relevant today as it was when Jesus walked on this earth two thousand years ago. Busy, stressed mankind needs answers to the most basic questions of life. These answers can be found in the Church.

    Over the past century, millions of Orthodox Christians have left their homeland searching for a new life in the West. The first wave of immigrants consisted of Slavic refugees who were fleeing the communist persecution.  The current generation comes seeking a better life for themselves and their families. By God's grace these believing people, with much labor and limited resources, built churches, often doing the construction with their own hands. Their efforts are a testament to their strong faith and deep appreciation of the freedom of worship.

    Since the 1940's, the parish of St. George has welcomed all who seek the traditional Orthodox faith. Our church has two primary missions: 1) to provide a spiritual home to Orthodox Christians from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and elsewhere, and 2) to proclaim the bright light of Orthodox Christianity to our American neighbors.

   Over the past decade, thousands of Orthodox immigrants have settled in the Greater Cincinnati region.  As a result, our small church is crowded almost every Sunday with new faces and new families. In response to this growing need, we have organized an effort to build a traditional Russian style church proclaiming God's glory. The commitment from our parishioners has already secured most of the funds need for the project.  But even this effort is not enough to complete this new house of worship.

    The parishioners of St. George invite you to help spread the message of Orthodox Christianity.  We ask that you consider contributing to our project. Your offering will enable us to complete this spiritual home for future generations of believers.